Duo login experience will change with Feb. 28 update

Two-step login will get an overhaul when the University of Oregon installs a Duo update on Feb. 28.

The implementation of the new Duo Universal Prompt will bring a new look and feel to the familiar verification screen people see when logging in to Duo-protected UO services.

The update is far more than a redesign. It includes a wide range of security improvements and usability adjustments.

Top of the list will be a shift from Duo Push to Verified Duo Push. Instead of tapping "approve" on a smartphone or tablet, the push feature will require users to enter a three-digit code into the Duo app on their mobile devices.

That change will provide extra security against the cyberattackers who trigger Duo verifications after stealing accounts from UO students, faculty and staff.

DuoMobile screen shot

"It can become muscle memory to tap that green 'approve' button, and attackers take advantage of that," said José Domínguez, who was named UO's chief information security officer in December. "Verified Push will help prevent us from falling victim in that way."

In a synergy of convenience and security, the February upgrade will allow biometrics to be used as a verification method. That includes Touch ID on Mac laptops, Face ID on iOS devices and Android Biometrics. Windows Hello will be an option on personal Windows computers.

Other changes include new wording for "Remember me for seven days," a shift in the default choice for verification method, and support for more languages.

"It may take you a moment to get accustomed to the new experience," said Gary Sullivan, senior director of user support services. "After that, we expect it to be pretty smooth sailing."

UO community members should keep Duo devices handy on Feb. 28. Because all Duo verifications will reset that day, people may get multiple Duo verification prompts the next time they log in to UO IT services.

People who use Duo Push should ensure their mobile devices are up to date before Feb. 28, if possible.

Other aspects of UO's Duo service will remain the same. All existing Duo devices will remain registered to people's accounts and will continue to be supported by Information Services.

Information Services has published a new FAQ and other information about the Duo Universal Prompt. Other plans include trainings in late February and more updates to the UO Service Portal.

Anyone with questions can submit a ticket through the two-step login support page in the UO Service Portal.

—By Nancy Novitski, University Communications