ESPN sports anchor talks Ducks, shopping lists with media

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit
ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit

Kirk Herbstreit isn’t the only one in his family who is hooked on the Ducks.

“My kids are brainwashed Ohio State fans, but they love Oregon,” the ESPN College GameDay anchor said during a recent on-campus gathering.

Herbstreit chuckled when he mentioned that his children demand a UO hat or jersey every time he visits Eugene. If that’s not a testament to the ever-increasing popularity of the Ducks, maybe the nine visits by Herbstreit and GameDay is.

As the rest of the GameDay crew prepared for the battle between Michigan State and Oregon, Herbstreit chatted with local media near the show’s set on the Memorial Quad. He particularly talked about Eugene’s passion for college football, remembering the first time he visited the campus.

“They wanted to show, not just us, but America what kind of fans they had,” he said. ”So we were out there – it’s pitch dark, 6 or 7 in the morning – and there’s, as far as you can see, Oregon Duck fans.”

Of the nine visits by College GameDay, this year marks a record six appearances in a row. Herbstreit noted that “Oregon’s brand is now national,” but he wasn’t talking about just football.

“Wherever I go, people always ask me ‘Where’s one of your favorite spots?’ I always say ‘Eugene, Oregon,’” Herbstreit said, mentioning the weather, rabid fans and the Duck as some of the main draws. On the Duck, Herbsteit proclaimed, “He’s by far the most entertaining mascot in the country.”

―By Nathan Stevens, Public Affairs Communications intern