Final issue of Cascade magazine touts undergraduate research

Student Geena Littel

From Oregon quake zones to European subcultures to the online exploration of a centuries-old text, UO undergraduates are undertaking research projects that reach far beyond campus. Read about their exciting, wide-ranging work in the annual undergraduate research edition of Cascade magazine.

Readers can follow Geena Littel, an earth sciences major, into the Cascade mountains as she gathers and analyzes data that might one day help predict how a major earthquake will affect specific areas around Oregon.

Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, majoring in international studies, shares her experiences examining — and photographing — a Parisian fashion phenomenon.

In the humanities, a cohort of classmates is using multimedia technology to examine a 200-year-old diary, learning more about life in London’s East End in the 1820s and breaking new ground in the digital humanities.

Other students are probing about how babies learn and diving into the disruptive methods used by practitioners of political theater during the 1960s.

The fall 2017 edition also marks the final issue of Cascade, as W. Andrew Marcus, Tykeson Dean of Arts and Sciences, notes in his Dean’s Page column. Cascade will merge into the UO’s flagship alumni magazine, Oregon Quarterly.

All of these stories and more can be found on the Cascade website.