Freshman profile: Mickey Swartz

Mickey Swartz (Photo by Brinkley Capriola)
Mickey Swartz (Photo by Brinkley Capriola)

High School and Hometown: St. Albans High School. St. Albans, West Virginia.

My biggest academic achievement so far: Getting the AP Scholars' award.

My academic interests include: Earth Sciences and History.

What I like to do for fun: Run, play tennis, play video games, read fantasy books.

People might be surprised to know: I am actually very shy.

The one thing I'm most nervous about: Passing the hard class schedule I have.

The thing I'm most excited about: Making lots of new friends with diverse beliefs and interests.

I chose Oregon because: It is a beautiful campus and has a devoted geology major that includes studying volcanoes.

Scholarships I've received include: The Summit Scholarship, a $1,000 church scholarship, and the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation scholarship.

When I think of Oregon: I think of beautiful landscapes, amazing volcanic mountains, and diverse and accepting people.

The one key piece of rain gear I must bring to campus: Waterproof shoes.

The thing about college I'm most looking forward to is: Forging my own path in the world and being able to study specific classes that I will really be interested in.

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