Graduate Profiles: From dance to France to the Big Apple

Rachel Ellam, Class of 2015

Meet Rachel Ellam, Class of 2015:

High school: Valley Christian High School, San Jose, California

Major/degree: Journalism: Advertising

My favorite spot on campus: Gerlinger Hall has always been one of my favorite places on campus. The building itself is gorgeous and there are so many hidden rooms that are fun to explore.

Favorite professor or instructor: Both Deb Morrison and Dave Koranda have helped me immensely over the past year. Their support and encouragement has helped me stay sane during the extremely busy year I've had.

What I did for fun:  As a freshman, I was part of UO's Competitive Dance Team, but I decided to focus on other interests for the rest of my college career. I spent my junior year studying abroad in Lyon, France, which was an experience that will continue to influence me for the rest of my life. During my senior year, I worked at the Office of International Affairs as a designer, at Venture Dept. as a multimedia producer and I was an art director for Ad Team. My best memories at the U of O will be the countless hours I spent with my Ad Team family, and I'm going to miss all of them dearly.

What's next: I'm going to pursue a creative career in either the advertising or fashion industry. I'm planning on living in New York City, directly after I graduate, and I hope to move back to France in the future.