Graduate Profiles: Taking his show on the road, to Los Angeles

Amos Lachman

Meet Amos Lachman, Class of 2015:

High school: South Eugene High School

Major: Romance languages (French and Spanish), music studies minor

My favorite spot on campus: The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is probably campus’s best-kept secret, woefully unknown to a lot of students but with an incredible collection and great events. The JSMA has also been the perfect place to work for these past four years, and I’ll miss my friends on its welcoming and dedicated staff. (Bonus spot: Cafe Carpe Diem. You owe it to yourself to get their salmon teriyaki.)

Favorite professor or instructor: Virtually the whole Romance languages department, where I've now received excellent instruction in three languages. Professors Loren Kajikawa and Carl Woideck from the School of Music have also been outstanding.

What I did for fun: Studied topics of deep social import, like monkeys and landscaping; was featured in an episode of an MTV reality show; started a rap career; and got away with a couple dozen working trips to Los Angeles as an upperclassman (while still managing to graduate).

What's next: This summer I’m moving to LA, where I intend to pursue music full time, continuing my work with multiplatinum producer Battle Roy and the rest of my team. My language studies have already proven useful in recording sessions with French producers and will definitely continue to serve me well.