Hearth, new student wing taking shape at EMU expansion site

With a new year and a new term unfolding, the Erb Memorial Union construction site is also seeing some new developments.

Significant progress has been made on the new north student wing, with timber currently being erected and the majority of the structural steel in place. Laminated timber and wood deck construction is also under way, which will allow initial mechanical, electrical and plumbing to be completed later this month.

At The Hearth, a future common area where the new EMU overlaps with the old, structural concrete is being poured. Three pieces of steel have also been put in place at The Hearth, as well as under-slab electrical and plumbing in the south section. On the east and west of the new EMU, concrete shear walls have begun to take shape.

The creation of a concrete elevator core, north walls, columns and an elevated deck will be accomplished throughout the coming weeks. The first round of selective demolition has also been completed and additional under-slab electrical, plumbing and foundation work is ongoing.

Next week, the south dining mechanical unit will be set and the south waterline and hydrant are scheduled to be installed.

The EMU renovation and expansion project has been under way for over a year and is projected to be completed in mid 2016. To watch virtual tours of what the new EMU will look like, as well as a live stream construction video, click here.

—By Nathaniel Brown, Public Affairs Communications intern