HR continues implementation planning for Paid Leave Oregon

The University of Oregon has contracted with TheStandard to administer its Paid Leave Oregon plan.

TheStandard is the university’s disability insurance provider with experience managing similar plans. It will be well-positioned to provide accurate and timely service and claims processing support.

Employees will work directly with TheStandard to submit claims and receive payment. The Office of Human Resources has begun working with TheStandard to establish systems to administer and manage claims.  

“This is a highly anticipated program, and employees are eager to know more," said Kaia Rogers, chief of staff and senior director of HR programs and services. “While HR does not have specific details to share at this time, the implementation team is actively preparing for the program. Now that a contract is in place, HR has begun working with TheStandard to establish systems to administer and manage claims. Together, HR and TheStandard will monitor evolving state regulations to implement processes and procedures that support employees and supervisors.”

The Paid Leave Oregon program is expected to begin in September and provides paid leave for absences related to the birth or adoption of a child or one’s own or a loved one’s serious illness, or due to sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment or stalking.

The program is funded through payroll contributions made by employees and employers. The contribution rate, which matches the state plan, will be 1 percent of gross wages for 2023 with the employee paying 60 percent of the rate and the university paying 40 percent. By using a third-party administrator, payroll deductions will not begin until benefits become available to employees.

Rogers said HR will continue working with TheStandard on implementation of the program. Processes and procedures for submitting claims and withholding contributions will be shared in advance of the expected program start date in September.

Paid Leave Oregon is available to employees who primarily work in Oregon and is in addition to other UO leave programs such as the Family Medical Leave Act, Oregon Family Leave Act and collective bargaining agreement provisions, which are administered by human resources.

The updated notice and other program information is available on the HR website.