Photographers bring 'Atmosphere' to law school gallery

Photo of wind on sand dunes

Seven nationally and internationally recognized photographers, forming Team Cascadia, have brought their exhibit “Atmosphere” to the University of Oregon Law School second-floor gallery.

The images in the show were selected by the photographers for qualities of atmosphere, an elusive but critical element in their photography.  

Adrian Klein, one of the photographers said, “As a group, we share a passion for atmosphere, searching it out and capturing it in the landscape of our art. In our landscape photography, atmosphere alludes to the pervading tone or mood of a place, a view or an environment and is often the defining element and key ingredient. Recognizing and recording compelling atmosphere at the precise moment is often the difference between ordinary and transcendent.”

The exhibit’s 14 photographs are printed on aluminum sheets, providing depth perception, brilliance and penetrating views mostly of mountain scenes and landscapes in the Northwest. The images enfold the viewers into their atmospheres.

In addition to Klein, the photographers are Erin Babnik, Sean Bagshaw, David Cobb, Kevin McNeal, Chip Phillips and Zach Schnepf.

See more at the photographers' web site, The show will run through Nov. 26.