President urges UO community members to cast their ballots

Dear University of Oregon community,

I am writing today with a simple message: VOTE!

It is your right as an American—regardless of religion, race, gender, identity, ability, orientation, or ideology—to vote. Generations of Americans fought, marched, protested, and even died to ensure we all have access to the ballot box in this country. Your vote matters. Please, do not waste it.

Election Day is fast approaching. Mail* or drop off your ballot by 8:00 p.m. next Tuesday, November 8. You can even drop your ballot at the official box located at the Erb Memorial Union on the south side of the plaza. You will find more information about drop box locations on the Oregon voting and elections website.

It is not only our right, but also our responsibility and privilege to participate in our democracy. As a public university, we are committed to our mission to serve society, and one of the best ways our University of Oregon community can do that is to educate ourselves on the issues and candidates, and vote.

Every election is important. I know many people have strong feelings about candidates, races, or specific ballot measures. I, too, have strong personal feelings about this election. There is much at stake nationally, in Oregon, and in the communities we live. But I hope each of us can remember that our UO community is not politically homogenous and we should respect one another’s differing opinions.

There are many election-related resources and some of them are listed in the Voting Resources section of this email. Please seek out the information that you need and make a plan to vote. If you are registered outside of Oregon, please reach out to your local elections office with any questions so that you are able to exercise your right to participate in this election.

Thank you,
Patrick Phillips
Interim President and Professor of Biology

*Ballot must be postmarked no later than Nov. 8.

Voting Resources: