Procurement card and travel management to go digital

The UO Business Affairs Office and Purchasing and Contracting Services will soon launch Concur, a new paperless travel and procurement card management system.

Concur is an online platform that allows users to streamline purchasing and travel systems. The new procurement card process is expected to launch in late January, and the travel platform will launch in March.

Procurement cards are also known as PCards.

“We are thrilled to be launching Concur to the full campus community,” said Laurie Jacoby, the business office’s travel manager. “We are confident that it will streamline processes for travelers, travel coordinators and Pcard custodians, while saving a few trees.”

Department PCard custodians will be able to access their U.S. Bank statements in Concur, review charges, upload receipts and assign journal voucher coding to each item before submitting information to their budget authority for approval online. 

Expenses can be processed as they come in throughout the month, giving users more visibility and control over spending. Monthly paper PCard statement reconciliations, paper receipts and manual Banner journal vouchers will not be needed.

Concur for Travel is a one-stop shop for all things travel, from submitting the initial planning request to uploading receipts. Gone are the days of tracking paper receipts. Travelers can simply snap pictures of their receipts and upload them to their expense report.

All UO employees will also receive access to Concur’s TripIt Pro, a mobile app that organizes all fight details in one place.

“TripIt Pro provides an incredible variety of services to the traveler,” Jacoby said. “It will give you real time flight updates, information about gate changes and track your reward points. It can even help find another flight if yours gets canceled.”

The travel office also is piloting a new corporate pay credit card program that will eliminate the need for cash advances and will streamline expense reporting.

Training is underway for Pcard custodians. Traveler demonstrations and travel coordinator training will be announced soon. See the Concur project webpage for additional details, regular updates and training registration.