Roof rescue training July 18-19 will be no cause for alarm

Occupants, visitors or passersby at Prince Lucien Campbell and McKenzie halls will see unusual activity July 18 and 19, and again Aug. 10: a big fire truck with an extended ladder, and emergency workers ascending to the roofs.

It's no cause for alarm. It's all a preparedness training arranged by University of Oregon Safety and Risk Services to allow Eugene-Springfield Fire Department crews practice for roof rescues on campus. The training is scheduled for 9 a.m. to noon each day and will include a ladder truck, one or two other fire engines and one or two other support vehicles.

As many as 15 fire department personnel and more UO staff members could be on hand, and crews might use a portable ladder along with the ladder truck at McKenzie Hall. Some of the crews may enter the buildings and climb to the roofs with UO staff help.

This summer's drills are the first with the fire department team. More could follow in the future for other rooftop rescue or confined space and tunnel rescue training.