SEIU states intent to strike on Sept. 30

The UO emblem on Dads Gate

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has notified their membership that they will strike on Sept. 30, and the State of Oregon’s public universities expect to receive the required 10-day notice in the coming days. SEIU represents classified employees from the state’s seven universities. The UO employs about 1,600 SEIU classified employees who provide a broad range of services in support of the university’s educational and research mission. 

The seven universities, represented by Universities Shared Services Enterprise, and SEIU will continue bargaining at mediation sessions scheduled Sept. 23-24. Should SEIU members strike, the UO will activate a continuity plan to ensure essential campus services will continue.

“Classified employees are a valued part of our community. We have plans in place to ensure that the important services they provide will continue to every extent possible. We will prioritize essential student services and other vital campus operations, should SEIU employee’s strike,” said Mark Schmelz, chief human resources officer and associate vice president. “During this time, we will work with the entire campus community to ensure continuity of academic and student operations to limit disruption to the students’ education experience.”

Under state law, all seven universities must collectively negotiate an agreement with SEIU. No one university may bargain separately.

Additional information about bargaining is available on the Human Resources website, including the universities’ latest offer, resources and frequently asked questions. The UO will continue to provide information on Around the O, on the HR website, and through direct emails to faculty and staff if as necessary.