Take a visual tour of the new UO Portland library

From vision to reality, the UO Libraries’ team transformed acquired space to embody its mission to inform research and learning breakthroughs for Oregon.

The UO Portland library leadership worked diligently for eighteen months to transform the Northeast campus library into a premier resource for researchers and community members. Guided by the UO Libraries mission and vision, the team evaluated more than 100,000 books, journals, and other items to determine which to keep and which to donate.

Their efforts led to the removal and reuse of more than sixty aisles of book shelving from throughout the building at no cost to the University. With an eye on sustainability throughout the project, the library team minimized waste and cost while setting up a library to serve students and community members by the start of fall 2023.

Employees can take a tour of the project through a virtual presentation that documents every step of the journey from the beginning to the grand reveal.