The UO Foundation is celebrating its 100th anniversary

The University of Oregon Foundation is turning 100 this month.

Originally incorporated in 1922 as the University of Oregon Holding Company, the foundation was charged with “promoting the general welfare of the university, encouraging and developing higher education and scientific investigation in the state of Oregon, and to receive, hold, and manage donations for the benefit of the UO.”

Gift entries in ledger Today, the foundation works closely with the university on the management of gifts, reporting on philanthropic impact, and investing assets. The foundation manages the financial aspects of each private gift, while also ensuring that the use of funds is consistent with the donor’s intended purpose.

The Foundation Board of Trustees consists of up to 30 members who are selected for their professional expertise and consistent support of the university. That includes four officers, 23 current members and trustees emeriti. The board's main responsibilities include overseeing the management and administration of the foundation and its assets. 

“The biggest change that I have seen in my tenure at the foundation is the growth of the assets and their management,” said Paul Weinhold, UO Foundation president and chief executive. “When I joined, over 13 years ago it was roughly six or seven hundred million. Now it’s well over $3 billion dollars.”