Well-being coaches help students work toward wellness goals

The UO Department of Physical Education and Recreation is helping students stay healthy and happy by launching Well-Being Coaching, a new program to support students’ overall wellness.

The program provides free sessions with well-being peer coaches, who offer holistic approaches to health and wellness through setting goals and creating action plans.

The Student Well-being and Success Initiative, one of several ongoing surveys by the Office of Assessment and Research in the Division of Student Life, consistently finds that most students struggle with mental and physical health concerns.

“Current UO data from the Student Well-being and Success Initiative, segregated by class, shows that about 67 to 70 percent of current UO students are in the low-to-moderate parameters for well-being,” said Jessica Campbell, senior assistant director for well-being and fitness. “This data suggests that high-impact programs focused on student experience, prevention, intervention and advising could support a positive increase in the well-being of our students.”

Well-Being Coaching providers have completed required courses to earn certification and are passionate about uplifting and educating their peers, Campbell said. Students are considered experts in their own lives, and the coaches support them in achieving their goals, whether related to mental or physical health.

While the coaches do not offer counseling, therapy, nutrition or exercise prescriptions, they are equipped to name and talk about those challenges with students. They also provide encouragement and connect students with the best campus resources to address mental and physical health struggles, food insecurity and other challenges.

Students will meet with a coach for three sessions, each designed to take steps toward success.

Session one will help students identify their well-being goals and make an action plan. The following two sessions work to make any adjustments and to ensure students have a plan for long-term adherence to their goals.

Appointments are available both in person and via Teams. Students can schedule with a coach by going to the PE and Rec website and selecting their preferred date, time and format.

—By Emma Anderson, Student Services and Enrollment Management