Williams Council issues call for fellows and proposals

Tom and Carol Williams

The Williams Council has opened applications for 2016-17 instructional proposals and nominations for fellowships.

The Williams Council is charged with enhancing the quality of the educational experience for undergraduate students. It directs resources to activities with the potential to have a revolutionary effect on the way the university addresses undergraduate education.

“The Williams Council invites instructional proposals for projects that provide instructors with opportunities to renew, broaden, restructure or develop classes and curricula that actively engage students in the learning process” said Susan Anderson, senior vice provost for academic affairs.  

As in past years, exciting and creative proposals with any focus will be fully considered, council members say. In addition, for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 cycles, the council encourages proposals designed to create a more inclusive teaching and learning culture on campus.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following examples: supporting student learning about difference, power and discrimination; fostering students’ sense of belonging; and building students’ sense of connection, support and agency.

In addition to instructional proposals, the council seeks nominations for Williams Fellows. Fellowships are awarded to recipients who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to undergraduate education by challenging their students academically, creating an engaged learning environment, striving to improve the learning process, and promoting interdepartmental collaboration.

Funded instructional proposals receive the financial support necessary to successfully pursue the project. Fellows receive a $5,000 award, as well as $5,000 dedicated to affecting the teaching and learning experience of undergraduates in the fellow’s department.

The deadline for preliminary proposal submissions and nominations for fellowships is Feb. 15. For more information on the Williams Council awards, nominations and proposals, see the Academic Affairs website