Academics and Research

April 16
Jim Hutchison tackles the definition of sustainability and its application in the production of metals in a video for the Materials Research Society
April 15
The RIGE's Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives awards enhance research at the UO by supporting the development of large-scale research opportunities
April 15
Kimberly Andrews Espy, vice president for research and innovation and dean of the Graduate School, will be senior vice president for research
April 11
The scientist, whose research brings evolutionary and molecular biology together, is one of 178 recipients out of more than 3,000 applicants
April 9
Faculty and leaders met with representatives from Business Oregon to gain deeper understanding of the university’s role in economic development in the state
April 4
Krista Chronister's study of teenage girls found that unhealthy dating relationships translated into missed school days and a decline in academic performance
March 27
Six awards in four categories will be presented to raise visibility of research activities at UO
March 27
Two UO paleontologists suggest patterns of enamel on chewing surfaces evolved as horses ate gritty materials in cooling climate
March 19
Study co-authored by UO's Hunt: Prehistoric chicken bones suggest human migration from Southeast Asian to South Pacific
March 11
The new supramolecular sensor technology will lead to efficiencies in fertilizer purchases and applications, and will reduce groundwater pollution