Academics and Research

Thornton's research could help predict the effects of mutations on disease
July 29

Researcher tracks path of key proteins in health and disease

University of Oregon biologist Joe Thornton’s long-running study of protein mutations and cancer has yielded another breakthrough.
Gregory Retallack
July 28

UO research extends timeline for life on land

A new study led by Gregory Retallack makes a case for earthly life having existed on land four times as long as was previously believed.
July 26

Oregon RAIN receives legislative approval, funding

The Oregon legislature funded the Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network for the South Willamette Valley in the amount of $3.75 million
Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan
July 21

Vice Provost Wendy Larson back in Portland after research sabbatical in China and Singapore

What happens when a country with deep cultural roots becomes part of the global world?
Azim Shariff
July 14

Researcher: Religion influences behavior — both good and bad

For as long as people have believed in heaven and hell, a debate has simmered.
A leaf-cutter at work (photo: Robert Schofield)
July 9

Physicist finds new world with leaf-cutter ants

At first glance, the thousands upon thousands of leaf-cutter ants in Robert Schofield’s laboratory suggest nothing so much as chaos.
Yarris studied how rural women in Nicaragua describe physical distress
June 23

Medical anthropology: How culture influences the experience of illness

Kristin Yarris was interviewed regarding a study of rural women in Nicaragua and how they describe physical distress and symptoms of illness.
A computer reconstruction of a Higgs boson “candidate”
June 18

UO physicist was “trigger” for Higgs boson breakthrough

David Strom played a pivotal role in last summer’s monumental discovery of what is believed to be the elusive Higgs boson particle.
June 16

Researcher studies ‘narco narratives’ in Juárez

Claudia Holguín Mendoza conducted ethnographic research in her hometown of Juárez, the Mexican city infamous for narco violence.
Ozog won a Computational Science Graduate Fellowship from DOE
June 16

Ph.D. student wins Department of Energy fellowship

David Ozog has won a Computational Science Graduate Fellowship from the Department of Energy.