Academics and Research

February 13
Ashley Streig's research resulted in a study that shows that San Francisco's 1906 quake was the third of a series on San Andreas Fault
February 10
Researchers create a microbial snapshot of the Lillis Business Complex, based on dust collected in various areas
February 4
Insights gained by UO researchers on the natural process of bone regeneration in zebra fish could be used to advance therapies for bone fractures and disease
January 13
The following memo from Kimberly Andrews Espy, the UO's vice president for research and innovation and dean of the UO Graduate School, details changes in several positions within her office. The changes were effective as of Jan. 1.Colleagues:
January 7
Paleontologist Edward Davis and librarian Dean Walton are creating a 3-D printout of a saber-toothed salmon fossil using a printer at the Science Library.
January 1
The 2013 Oregon Research report focuses on how best to establish and guide the next generation of scientists.
December 22
The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology has received a grant to fund a 10 kW wind turbine at the Charleston Marine Life Center in Coos Bay.
December 18
As Oregon football prepares to face Texas in the Alamo Bowl, collaboration between researchers is helping explain the effects of climate change in Peru.
December 12
The powerful MRI scanner at the Lewis Center for Neuroimaging is being upgraded to expand the range of imaging options available to researchers.
November 26
Reza Rejaie has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the NSF’s Computer and Network Systems: Core Programs.