Academics and Research

Jeffrey Measelle
March 12

UO researchers discover way to determine stress responses in children

UO researches have discovered a way to predict how a child will respond to stressful situations in the future by examining the child at five months of age.
February 27

Geology study helps explain valley width

Joshua Roering's study of the Umpqua River basin in the Oregon Coast Range helps explain natural processes behind the width of valleys.
Atika Khurana
February 26

Research links working memory, adolescent risk-taking

Poor impulse control, drug use and risky sexual behaviors in teenagers can be the result of weakness in working memory, according studies by Atika Khurana.
January 23

UO Research partners with Chamber for workshop on startups

SmartUps and Research, Innovation & Graduate Education partnered to offer a workshop tailored to faculty members and graduate students/post docs.
January 8

Research spending brings big returns

When it comes to "return on innovation," it looks like another banner year for the University of Oregon.