Academics and Research

June 10
Douglas Toomey told a House oversight panel today that the Pacific Northwest is "in the window" of geologic time for a catastrophic Cascadia-fault earthquake
May 8
Edward Vogel's research team details how your attention to detail helps you track objects across the midline of your brain
May 7
A video of migrating mule deer in Wyoming is breathtaking, as well as groundbreaking for scientists from the InfoGraphics Lab
May 7
Stephanie Majewski is among 35 scientists chosen to receive funding under the Department of Energy's Early Career Research Program
May 5
Grad students will pack all of their research into a quick chat and one PowerPoint slide when they compete in Three Minute Thesis
April 29
President Gottfredson provides written remarks to the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee about contributions of research universities
April 23
Geology faculty shared information with elected officials about benefits of a possible earthquake early warning system
April 22
The symposium is expected to draw 250 attendees from around the world ahead of the World Junior Track and Field Championships
April 21
James Hutchison is part of a federal research project that will seek to better understand the impacts of nanomaterials throughout their life cycle
April 16
Jim Hutchison tackles the definition of sustainability and its application in the production of metals in a video for the Materials Research Society