Academics and Research

August 13
By reducing the amount of tuition charged to grants for certain research assistants, the university will be able to spread its research dollars further
July 31
John Chalmers and Bill Harbaugh testify before a legislative task force looking at ways to encourage people to save money for retirement
July 30
The Office for Research & Innovation and the Graduate School will host the Big Opportunities with Big Data conference on Friday, Aug. 8
July 17
Life on ancient Mars? University of Oregon researcher reports fossilized soils deep inside the Gale Crater suggest life was likely on Mars
July 16
Cris Niell and his collaborators detailed the linkage, based on research using mice, in the July 16 issue of the high-profile journal Neuron.
July 3
Children who easily match various foods correctly with their brands likely have tastes that prefer sugar, salt and fat
June 25
The award will support doctoral students who are interested in pursuing innovative experiences for careers outside of academia
June 24
Your smartphone captures your own microbial makeup and potentially could be tapped as bacterial or environmental sensors
June 24
David Sutherland is part of a team that has provided an all-new look at the connection between the ocean and Greenland’s outlet glaciers
June 19
It seems learning about the brain has implications for attitudes related to morality and responsibility