The Olympic Trials at Hayward Field

The Olympic Trials at Hayward Field

The U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field's long-anticipated return to Hayward Field marks another step as the University of Oregon and local community edge closer to normalcy.

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With this spring’s in-person commencement activities, a resumption of tours for prospective students and their families, more university facilities opening to the public, and athletes and fans once again filling the greatest track and field stadium in the world — campus is indeed awakening from its pandemic-induced slumber.

The Olympic Trials mark a much-welcomed shift as we resume attending the special events that generate memories that last a lifetime — something Hayward Field excels at creating.

And this cathedral of track and field has no shortage of historic highlights...but now the world’s greatest athletes will craft those moments against a new backdrop — a reimagined Hayward Field.

However, one thing remains unchanged: the Hayward Magic.

More Than a Dozen Ducks Hope to Qualify at Trials

At the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials – Track and Field, some of the world’s best athletes will lace up their spikes and compete for one of the coveted Team USA spots at the Tokyo Olympics.

As the winner of the US Olympic Marathon Trials last year, Galen Rupp ’09 already has his ticket booked for Tokyo. He will likely be far from the only Duck making the trip though, as Jenna Prandini (women’s 200m), Phyllis Francis (women’s 400m), Raevyn Rogers (women’s 800m), Matt Centrowitz (men’s 1,500m and 5K), and Devon Allen (110mH) are all ranked among the top three qualifiers in their favored events heading into the trials.

But who will join them? Will pole vaulter Cole Walsh, currently ranked fourth among American men, make it to the podium? Will UO stars and Bowerman Award watch list members Cole Hocker and Cooper Teare—the latter of whom set the seventh-fastest indoor mile time in world history earlier this year—pull off an upset on their home track?

The Olympic Trials begin June 18 and run through June 27, and will be broadcast on NBC and NBCSN. To find out when the Ducks are competing, check USA Track and Field's schedule of events.


devon allen

Devon Allen

BS '17 (business administration)

Men's 110m Hurdles
Qualifying Time: 13.22 (OQ)


alli cash

Alli Cash

BS '18 (human physiology)

Women's 1,500m
Qualifying Time: 4:05.90
Women's 5,000m
Qualifying Time: 15:19:00


matt centrowitz

Matt Centrowitz


Men's 1,500m
Qualifying Time: 3:32.82 (OQ)


hannah cunliffe

Hannah Cunliffe


Women's 100m
Qualifying Time: 11.07 (OQ)


joe delgado

Joe Delgado

BS '17 (general social science)

Men's Decathalon
Qualifying Points: 7,882


brooke feldmeier

Brooke Feldmeier

BS '18

Women's 800m
Qualifying Time: 2:02.15


rhesa foster

Rhesa Foster

Class of 2021

Women's Long Jump
Qualifying Distance: 6.57m


phyllis francis

Phyllis Francis

BS '14 (general social science)

Women's 400m
Qualifying Time: 49.61 (OQ)


english gardner

English Gardner


Women's 100m
Qualifying Time: 11.13


cravon gillespie

Cravon Gillespie


Men's 100m
Qualifying Time: 9:96
Men's 200m
Qualifying Time: 19.93


isaiah griffith

Isaiah Griffith

Class of 2021

Men's Triple Jump
Qualifying Distance: 16.20m


jonathan harvey

Jonathan Harvey

Class of 2021

Men's 400m Hurdles
Qualifying Time: 49.64


alysah hickey

Alysah Hickey

Class of 2022

Women's Long Jump
Qualifying Distance: 6.59m


cole hocker

Cole Hocker

Class of 2024

Men's 1,500m
Qualifying Time: 3:35.63
Men's 5,000m
Qualifying Time: 13:19.98


eric jenkins

Eric Jenkins


Men's 10,000m
Qualifying Time: 27:22.06


kyree king

Kyree King


Men's 100m
Qualifying Time: 9.97
Men's 200m
Qualifying Time: 20.49


mestler jackson

Jackson Mestler

BA '21 (Spanish) BA '21 (biology)

Men's 3,000m Steeplechase
Qualifying Time: 8:27.65 (OQ)


ben milligan

Ben Milligan

Class of 2021

Men's High Jump
Qualifying Distance: 2.25m


kiana phelps

Kiana Phelps

Class of 2021

Women's Discus
Qualifying Distance: 55.83m


sam prakel

Sam Prakel

BS '18 (biochemistry)

Men's 1,500m
Qualifying Time: 3:36.36


jenna prandini

Jenna Prandini

BA '16 (general social science)

Women's 100m
Qualifying Time: 11.10 (OQ)
Women's 200m
Qualifying Time: 22.43 (OQ)


raevyn rogers

Raevyn Rogers

BA '19 (art)

Women's 800m
Qualifying Time: 1:59.66 (OQ)


dominique ruotolo

Dominique Ruotolo

Class of 2022

Women's Triple Jump
Qualifying Distance: 13.66m


galen rupp

Galen Rupp


Men's 10,000m
Qualifying Time: 28:00.37


damarcus simpson

Damarcus Simpson


Men's Long Jump
​​​​​​Qualifying Distance: 8.17m


sabrina southerland

Sabrina Southerland

MNM '19 (nonprofit management)

Women's 800m
Qualifying Time: 1:58.82 (OQ)


cooper teare

Cooper Teare

Class of 2022

Men's 5,000m
Qualifying Time: 13:17.13


jasmine todd

Jasmine Todd

BED '16 (family and human services)

Women's Long Jump
Qualifying Distance: 6.79m


cole walsh

Cole Walsh


Men's Pole Vault
Qualifying Distance: 5.83m (OQ)


micah williams

Micah Williams

Class of 2024

Men's 100m
Qualifying Time: 10:00 (OQ)


jack yearian

Jack Yearian

BS '20 (business administration)

Men's 1,500m
Qualifying Time: 3:37.24

*(OQ) indicates an athlete’s season best is also an Olympic qualifying mark. Athletes who have not set OQ marks coming into the trials will need to finish in the top three of their event and set an OQ mark in doing so to qualify for Team USA.

The Fan Experience

"The fans are Hayward Field and they bring that Hayward Field magic here.”

The History of Olympic Trials Held at Hayward Field

    JUNE 29 - JULY 9, 1972
      1972 trials prefontaine
    JUNE 19 - 27, 1976
      1976 olympic trials
    JUNE 21 - 29, 1980
      1980 trials ticket
    JUNE 27 - JULY 6, 2008
      ashton eaton at 2008 olympic trials
    JUNE 21 - JULY 1, 2012
      andrew wheating at 2012 olympic trials
    JULY 1 - 10, 2016
      deajah stevens at 2016 olympic trials
    JUNE 18 - 28, 2021
      hayward field

The Voice of Hayward Field

“The stadium built for the athlete will hear every name competing this year,” promises legendary announcer and double Duck Paul Swangard, BA '90, MBA '99, as he prepares for an unfamiliar role at the upcoming Olympics.

Meet Paul Swanguard



paul swanguard
decathalon record set by ashton eaton at 2012 olympic trials
5,000m record set by steve prefontaine at 1972 olympic trials
lynn winbigler's winning discus throw at 1976 olympic trials
english gardner's winning 100m time at 2016 olympic trials



olympic trials medal


olympic trials medal

2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field Medals Unveiled

TrackTown USA revealed the competition medals for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field. The medals honor the past and celebrate the future of the incredible Hayward Field at the University of Oregon with wood inlays made from salvaged historic Hayward Field materials.

Making of the Medals