Anthony Hornof accepts program director position at NSF

Anthony Hornof, an associate professor in Computer and Information Science, has been selected for a supervisory position with the National Science Foundation.

Hornof will serve as a program director in NSF's Division of Information and Intelligent Systems. Core programs include human-centered computing, information integration and informatics, and robust intelligence.

Hornof will serve as program director for IIS's Human-Centered Computing program (HCC), which focuses on advancing our understanding of the complex and increasingly coupled relationships between people and computing.

The program targets diverse computing platforms such as traditional computers, handheld and mobile devices, robots and wearable computers, at scales ranging from an individual device with a single user to large, evolving, heterogeneous socio-technical systems.

Research in the area is expected to improve the human-computer interaction experience so that the computer empowers the user at work, in school, at home and at play.

Hornof has been a CIS faculty member since 1999. His research involves human-computer interaction, with projects in cognitive modeling, eye tracking and assistive technology. He has been awarded over $2.25 million in single-investigator research grants, including multiple awards from the NSF and the Office of Naval Research.

- from UO's Department of Computer and Information Science