Advisors recognized for work with undergraduate students

Student Advising Awards

Two University of Oregon advisors were recently recognized for their contributions to the success of students at the fourth-annual Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Awards Ceremony.

Lisa Freinkel, Hayden Harker and Mike PriceHayden Harker received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor award, and Ethan Mapes received the Outstanding Professional Advisor award from the UO’s All-Campus Advising Association.

Harker, an instructor of mathematics, was recognized for this commitment to providing math advising to a variety of students, even those not majoring in mathematics. 

“Hayden teaches seven or eight classes a year and is also the head undergraduate advisor,” said Mike Price, assistant department head of mathematics. “He works with the majority of students and is an incredible asset.”

Lisa Freinkel, Ethan Mapes and Linshu HuangMapes, an international student advisor in the Office of International Affairs, was recognized for his dedication to helping international students navigate the complexities of attending a university in the United States, such as immigration regulations and professional development opportunities.

“I was so impressed by his understanding of the language gap and cultural, social background differences between international students and domestic students. His answers were always precise and easy to understand,” said Linshu Huang, a student studying computer and information sciences.

The awards program was created by the All-Campus Academic Advising Association and the Division of Undergraduate Studies to raise awareness about the effect academic advising and mentoring can have on undergraduate students. Members of the campus community nominated both faculty and professional advisors last March. Harker and Mapes each received a $2,000 stipend.