Choir instructor discusses the power of gospel music on OPB

Andiel Brown leading the UO Gospel Ensemble

As former Duck football captain and current UO instructor of gospel choirs and ensembles, Andiel Brown is used to the sound of raised voices. Brown recently discussed the power of gospel music with OPB.

“When people think gospel music, a lot of people think South. You know, or the East Coast,” he said. “But gospel music is universal.” 

During his senior year in 2008, Brown led the then-Pac-10 in return yardage. Weeks before graduating with his Bachelor of Music degree, he was offered his current job at the UO School of Music and Dance.

Under Brown’s leadership, the UO gospel choirs have competed in national and regional competitions. In 2013, the UO Gospel Singers became the first gospel act to ever make a public performance tour of The People’s Republic of China.

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As a student, Brown was a member of groups such as the UO Repertoire Singers, University Singers and Gospel Choirs. He was the winner of the 2004 UO vocal competition “Duck Idol” as well as being a guest choreographer for the UO cheerleaders. As instructor of gospel choirs and ensembles, Brown works to make the UO a national gospel powerhouse.