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Amy Coney Barrett
October 12

Workers may get help from Barrett, but not in a class action

Law prof says she may be a wild card when it comes to the rights of individual workers
Donald Trump and Joseph Biden
October 1

Trump and Biden clash in chaotic debate: Expert reactions

Three scholars, including the UO's Alison Gash, weigh in on the firey clash
Baby's face
September 23

Stress of COVID-19 on pregnant women, new mothers is showing

Economists predict that the U.S. may see 500,000 fewer births because of the pandemic
A family poses after the Not One Less protest
September 18

Family and friends can be key to helping end domestic violence

Victims who get support from people closest to them experience less injury, violence
The Riverside Fire in Oregon
September 18

Forest management, climate change both fueled epic wildfires

Historian Steven Beda says reducing forest fire risks requires addressing both issues
DACA supporters rally
September 15

It's still a conservative Supreme Court, and here's why

Law professor says despite some liberal decisions, the court's major rulings favor conservatives
Fans in Captain America and Deadpool costumes
September 10

Virtual comics event called a failure by critics, but fans loved it

Fans used social media, blogs and forums to share memories and connect with friends
Sorting ballots
September 3

Lessons from the state with the longest history of mail-in voting

Oregon’s experience, starting in 1987, shows that mail-in voting can be safe and secure
Man wiping sweat from his brow
August 31

Cool touch shirts feel cool on hot days, but what works best?

The material with the highest effusivity was 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex
Funeral for a Mexican woman and her daughter
August 24

Latin American women are disappearing, dying in lockdown

Latin America has long been among the world’s deadliest places to be a woman