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Patient receiving an injection
August 17

The ethical case for allowing medical trials using COVID-19

Deliberately infecting volunteers to test vaccines could save thousands of lives
Federal officers using tear gas against Portland protesters
July 27

Lawsuits over federal officers test issues other cities may face

Four court cases challenge the Trump administration's effort to quell Portland protests
Supermarket in Iraq
July 22

To reduce world hunger, think beyond making food cheap

Focusing on low prices can promote environmental damage and brutal economies
Row of newspaper boxes on sidewalk
July 20

COVID-19 has ravaged U.S. newsrooms; here's why it matters

More than 200 newsrooms have been affected by layoffs, other cost-saving measures
Soapy hands
July 16

No, bar soap isn't as gross as millennials seem to believe

Besides, a UO microbiologist says, we're all covered with microbes anyway
July 15

Schill on George Floyd Protests, Black Lives Matter, Deady Renaming

UO President Michael Schill on the protests, systemic racism, COVID-19 and moving forward
Office workers at computers
July 8

Here's what to expect if you're worried about returning to work

Law professor Liz Tippett offers some information for those concerned about COVID-19
Food bank workers
June 22

Nonprofits are trying to help more people on smaller budgets

National survey shows stress on social service organizations during pandemic
Barber cutting a man's hair
June 19

Why businesses are asking people to sign COVID-19 waivers

Law professor says the risk of contracting COVID-19 should be a shared responsibility
Compost awaiting distribution
June 12

City compost programs turn food waste into 'black gold'

The programs aid community gardens that also boost food security and social justice