Fantasy fans are the real superheroes, UO prof writes

UO business professor Troy Campbell

As a self-described “nerdy child,” UO marketing professor Troy Campbell learned at an early age what it was like to delve into fantasy worlds and imagine new adventures for his favorite superheroes.

Now, though, he sees those nerds — the ones in costumes at fan fests who endlessly debate storylines and characters and who fantasize about what happens after the movie or series ends — as a real creative force and wellspring of fresh ideas. Writing in The Huffington Post, Campbell says that’s a point many people reading about the upcoming Comic-Con gathering in San Diego will miss in all the hype surrounding big-budget productions.

“Despite its commercialization, Comic-Con remains a place where the true superheroes are always the nerds,” he writes. “Because the heart of nerd culture isn’t any actor, production studio, or any character, it is the kid creating the next great superhero sequel on the living room floor and the adult who never forgot that feeling.”

For the full article, see “Comic-Con: A Community of Creators Not Consumers” on The Huffington Post website.

Troy Campbell is an Oregon expert in consumer behavior, marketing, social psychology and political psychology. Learn more about Campbell and find more UO experts on the Media Relations website.