Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Newspapers stacked on a laptop

UO researchers and scholars were recently featured in stories about coffee, “take a knee” protests and the Fifth Amendment, among other topics.

Professors in chemistry, psychology and law wrote pieces for The Conversation that were picked up by outlets around the world.

Christopher H. Hendon, a chemistry professor who is also part of the Energy and Sustainable Materials Initiative, wrote about the science of brewing a good cup of coffee. The story was picked up by dozens of media outlets, including Smithsonian Magazine, Scientific American and Business Insider.

UO psychology professor Elliot Berkman’s piece titled “Healthy choices are neither good or bad; only thinking makes them so” was republished by many local newspapers as well as the Daily Mail and Business Insider.

Law professor Elizabeth Tippett contributed two stories to The Conversation in the last several weeks. “The surprising connection between ‘take a knee’ protests and Citizens United” was picked up by The San Francisco Chronicle, Salon and The Raw Story. Her second article, “Why Trump’s tirades are losing their potency,” was published in the Los Angeles Times.

Here are some other places where UO researchers were mentioned in the media:

  • UO education professor Ilana Umansky was featured on National Public Radio talking about her research on Spanish speakers who are trying to learn English. 
  • PBS NewsHour interviewed UO law professor Carrie Leonetti about the Fifth Amendment and technology.  
  • The New York Times mentioned PathwayOregon in a story.
  • Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, director of the sports product management program at the UO, talked to Business of Fashion about what global sportswear brands are doing to market to women.
  • Juan-Carlos Molleda, dean of the UO’s School of Journalism and Communication commented on growing tensions in Venezuela for an article in The Washington Times.
  • UO Associate Vice President and Title IX Coordinator Darci Heroy and UO professor of psychology Jennifer Freyd were interviewed on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud about new Title IX guidelines.
  • Several journalism outlets, including Poynter and the Nieman Journalism Lab, published stories about the launch of Gather, a UO-led platform for journalists working on community engagement.

Around the O would like to know when members of the UO faculty, staff or students are interviewed by media or have written for publications based on their role at the UO. If you or a colleague have been in the news please send an email to If you would like to learn more about writing for The Conversation, email Molly Blancett at