Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Newspapers stacked on a laptop

UO researchers and scholars were recently featured in stories about Easter Island’s statues, net neutrality, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence, among other topics.Dozens of outlets featured research by UO physicist Ben McMorran. McMorran contributed to a study about how Easter Island’s statues got their 12-ton hats. Articles appeared publications including History and the New York Post. Here are some other places where UO researchers were mentioned in the media:

  • UO philosopher Mark Johnson was quoted in a Christian Science Monitor story on internet metaphors in the net neutrality debate.
  • A HuffPost reporter talked to UO psychology professor Jennifer Freyd for an article about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
  • UO human physiologist Damien Callahan provided expert commentary for a story in POPSUGAR about muscle mass and calorie burning.
  • Provost Jayanth Banavar appeared in a Register-Guard story about the UO’s new cryptocurrency program.
  • High Country News quoted UO political scientist Alison Gash in an article about the Trump administration and California’s solar energy truce.
  • Research by UO law professor Susan Gary appeared in a Conversation article about charitable donations. The story was picked up by dozens of other media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times.
  • UO sociologist Liberty Barnes talked to Today’s Parent for a story on the rise of male infertility.
  • Seth Lewis, associate professor of journalism, was quoted in a Big Think story about artificial intelligence replacing journalists.

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