Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

A stack of newspapers

UO researchers and scholars were recently featured in stories about science in China, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and World Cup soccer jerseys, among other topics.

Political scientist Richard Suttmeier shared his research on Chinese science policy with The New York Times. Additionally, Suttmeier authored an article on the topic that originally ran in The Conversation and was picked up by national media outlets, including Scientific American.

Here are some other places where UO researchers were mentioned in the media:

  • UO marketing professor T. Bettina Cornwell spoke to Forbes about brand utility. She was also interviewed by CNN Money about a Pepsi campaign.
  • UO political scientist Alison Gash talked about Justice Anthony Kennedy’s LGBTQ legacy in an article for The Conversation. The piece was republished by the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and Alternet.
  • Susan Sokolowski, director and associate professor of sports product design, wrote a Conversation piece about what goes into designing World Cup jerseys. The story also ran in the Chicago Tribune, India Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
  • Wired featured research by Nico Larco, director of the Urbanism Next Center at the UO.
  • Research by UO psychology professor Paul Slovic was mentioned in a Vox story about a recent cover of Time magazine.  

Around the O would like to know when members of the UO faculty, staff or students are interviewed by media or have written for publications based on their role at the UO. If you or a colleague have been in the news or if you would like to learn more about writing for The Conversation, email Molly Blancett at