New York Times features UO's new 'climate fiction' course

Stephanie LeMenager
Stephanie LeMenager

New York Times education writer Richard Perez-Pena writes about the UO graduate-level course "The Cultures of Climate Change" in the newspaper's March 31 issue.

His story, "Using the Arts to Teach How to Prepare for Climate Crisis," is based on his visit to campus to interview course leader Stephanie LeMenager and sit in with students in the class. LeMenager is the Barbara and Carlisle Moore Professor of English at the UO.

LeMenager's course encourages students to think about, prepare for and respond to climate change – in contrast to other courses across the country that provide evidence global warming is human-caused, or measure its effects, according to the Times story. The UO course uses films, poetry, photography, essays and a subgenre of speculative fiction known as climate fiction to explore the issues.

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