Payroll recommends reviewing tax withholding on paychecks

Cubes spelling out 'taxes'

Changes to federal tax rates and brackets has prompted the UO payroll department to suggest that employees review their tax withholding to ensure the right amount of tax is withheld.

The office advises employees to use the Internal Revenue Service withholding calculator to evaluate the amount of payroll taxes currently withheld from their paychecks based on the new tax law. The IRS website provides tips and instructions for using the calculator. The IRS also provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Employees can use the results of the calculator to determine if a new form W-4 needs to be completed to make changes to their tax withholding. Submit new forms to the payroll department, on the second floor of the Thompson Center at 720 E. 13th Ave. The net pay calculator on the business affairs website helps employees see how changes in their form W-4 impact their net pay.

Contact the payroll office at 541-346-3151 with questions. However, payroll representatives cannot give tax advice. Contact a professional tax preparer for consultation related to individual tax questions.