Science Literacy Program featured in Chronicle of Higher Education

The UO’s effort to help nonscience majors leave college with a better understanding of science and how it works is getting some prominent attention in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Science Literacy Program is the subject of a substantial feature story in the national magazine’s May 4 online edition. The article features interviews with several UO scholars involved in the program and descriptions of some of the classes.

Twenty percent of the courses UO students take to fulfill general education science requirements are part of the Science Literacy Program, which uses research-based teaching methods to help students better understand and remember science concepts.

"Our goal is, five years hence, they’ve graduated and can pick up The New York Times science section and find it interesting and not intimidating," Judith Eisen, a neurobiologist who is a codirector of the program, told the magazine.

To view the entire article, see “Teaching Science So It Sticks” in the Chronicle of Higher Education.