Today's graduates embrace multiple job titles, UO prof says

Hybrids and misfits usually describe cars and nonconformists. One UO advertising professor uses similar terms to explain the next generation of advertisers in an article in Ad Week.

Traditionally, job descriptions in advertising have been singular. One is a producer or a designer or a writer. In the article, Deborah Morrison, the area director for advertising at the UO’s School of Journalism and Communication, explains how students graduate with an ability and desire to use multiple skills and hold multidimensional titles, such as producer/director or art director/journalist/photographer.

"They don't see the world through siloed job descriptions,” Morrison told Ad Week. "They speak multiple languages and often fluently."

The story calls for ad agencies to embrace the new trend and use the diverse creativity to enhance the products.

For the entire story, see “The New Generation of Hybrid Creatives Is Here. Is Your Agency Ready for Them?” in Ad Week.