UO E-Clips: Media mentions through February 21, 2014

UO E-Clips is a daily report prepared by the Office of Communications (http://uonews.uoregon.edu/) summarizing current news coverage of the University of Oregon.

Panelists to Discuss Climate Change

KVAL: Scientists from around Oregon and other western states will be in Eugene this weekend to discuss climate change. The keynote topic will center on a study looking at how it will affect the state. Three University of Oregon professors will give us a glimpse into what the future holds for Oregon as carbon dioxide continues to steadily rise in the atmosphere.

Japanese fencing style, Kendo, is one of Oregon’s more unique sports

Daily Emerald: Kendo, which literally translates to “The Way of the Sword,” is one of the oldest Japanese martial arts. Kendo, which was most likely developed by Master Nakanishi Chuzo of Edo around the 1750s, can be described as Japanese sword fencing. Centuries after the sport was created, it’s being practiced at the University of Oregon. The Oregon dojo has a fluctuating attendance, with practice usually attended by 5-10 people a week. Each member joined for different reasons, though the most common was because Kendo offers people the chance to fight with bamboo swords. This is the main reason why club member Katalin Plummer first joined. In high school, her friends read about Kendo on a flier and liked the idea of “hitting each other with sticks.”

No joke: Comedy series serious about stand-up

KVAL: Five local stand-up comedians performed at The Cooler Restaurant and Bar for The Quackin’ Me Up Comedy Series this month. The event, sponsored by local radio station All Comedy 1450 and Quackd.com, also featured two sketch comedy videos. The show ran from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The entrance free was $5 at the door or free in advance from the Cooler ... Last year’s winner Glasgow founded the UO Stand-Up Society along with Hamilton and UO alumnus Ben Schorr. The three University of Oregon students started the club a year ago to help amateur comedians refine their jokes and perform on stage. Through involvement with other Eugene comedy groups, like All Comedy 1450, the group has started to gain exposure off campus.