UO joins coalition that promotes quantum information science

Laser light

The University of Oregon has joined the Northwest Quantum Nexus, a regional coalition of academic, government and industry partners working to advance quantum information sciences. 

“The exciting research happening at the Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular and Quantum Science complements the strengths of other (Northwest Quantum Nexus) partners,” said Nathan Baker, a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory computational scientist and one of the founding organizers of coalition. “This is just the kind of synergy we are seeking as we grow and develop (quantum information sciences) in the Pacific Northwest.”

Collaborators in the coalition share the goal of bringing quantum computing to bear on complex computing challenges beyond the capabilities of even the most powerful existing computing resources.

Partners are co-developing hardware and software that operate quantum computing devices, evaluating new quantum-enabled materials, and creating the curricula that will prepare tomorrow’s students to work in the growing quantum information economy. The coalition sponsors workshops, symposia and seminar series to bring together the brightest minds in quantum information science for intellectual exchange.

“The Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular and Quantum Science, known for its research on optics, spectroscopy and quantum science, is a natural addition to the Northwest Quantum Nexus,” said Cass Moseley, the UO’s interim vice president for research and innovation. “Not only does the center do field-advancing research, but it also includes students in all steps of the process. Quantum information science is a burgeoning field and joining (Northwest Quantum Nexus) further enables the UO to contribute to the growing (quantum information science) workforce.”

The UO joins the University of Washington, Washington State University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and industry leaders IonQ and Microsoft in the commitment to continue building out a regional hub for quantum information economic and workforce development.