UO motor pool program moving in a new direction

Transportation Services seeks feedback to understand the vehicle rental needs of the University of Oregon community. 

Oregon State University, which currently operates the motor pool in Glenwood, has determined that it is no longer feasible to administer vehicle services from this location. Therefore, the UO has assembled a multidisciplinary advisory task force and initiated an exploratory process to identify viable options and implement a new plan to continue vehicle rental services. The current motor pool contract ends on June 30, 2024, and OSU has agreed to an additional six months of long-term vehicle rentals until Dec. 31. 

"An interim plan will be implemented to ensure services continue after the current contract ends," said David Reesor, director. "Transportation Services will work with finance and administration to review the task force's recommendation and take steps to implement a long-term solution."

While the university solicits proposals from service providers through a procurement process, the UO community can provide feedback by completing an online survey. Receiving as much input as possible will inform the project and help the task force understand needs and priorities as it evaluates options, Reesor said. The survey will be available through March 22. 

"We recognize the importance of vehicle rental services to the UO community and understand that any changes to this service will have impact. That is why we are reaching out to solicit feedback and participation in identifying a solution that best meets the needs of our community," Reesor said. 

The survey data will be provided to the task force to consider alongside submitted proposals as it works through the spring term to arrive at a recommendation for vehicle rental services at the UO. 

Employees rent from the motor pool to drive to out-of-town meetings and researchers use university vehicles for field work. Student groups often use vans to go to field sites or competitions. 

More information about the motor pool transition project is available on the Transportation Services website including a timeline, background information and frequently asked questions.