Website looks at how the UO tackles move-out leftovers

Zero Waste Program move-out bins

Robyn Hathcock, the UO’s Zero Waste Program administrative services manager, was recently featured in an article from Waste 360 about how campus deals with the waste generated by move-out season.

Hathcock discusses many commonly left-behind items that could be recycled or donated and offers insight into the various ways students can access these programs.

“The UO donation drive for on-campus residents during move-out week is an incredibly robust, effective effort in capturing material and reducing waste,” Hathcock said.

According to the article, the donation period generates 20 to 30 tons of reusable materials each year. Hathcock also discusses how families preparing for the academic year can reduce their waste by buying fewer goods initially.

“Instead, it would be better to start off with fewer items and add as needs arise during the year,” Hathcock said. “This approach might encourage students to see more value in these items and to reuse or donate them upon moving out, rather than throw them away at the end of the school year.”

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