The week that was in social media, Feb. 17-23

Snow covers the Memorial Quad after a February storm.

A quick look at what was happening on our social media channels this week:


Now that we have had the chance to look back, it's time to look forward to the next generation of influencers. “With it being black history month, why do you think it’s so important, or do you think it’s important, for us to know our history, especially our black history, being on a campus that historically hasn’t highlighted black history as much?” In honor of Black history month, we asked a group of students at the UO to join Anetra Brown, an Oregon alumni, in a round table discussion to discuss topics such as activism, the current state of the University, personal experiences, and what they see for the future of the University in regards to members of the Black student community. Stay tuned for the release of the round table discussion video this Wednesday, 2/21/18. #blackhistorymonth : @emily_pearson96

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“Currently, I am an RA in one of the off-campus dorms. There are 200-250, maybe even 300 students there and out of all those 300 people, I am not only the only black person, I am the only black male. A lot of how I present myself, how I speak, how I do anything is just filtered through my mind as, ‘Oh you might be the only black person they not only see today, but maybe also the entire week, or maybe the next two weeks… because there are several weeks when I don't see another black male or say hello to another black student. If I know that's how it is for me, how is it for those people who aren't even seeking those people out.” Round table discussion video out this Wednesday 2/21/18 in honor of black history month. See our previous post for more information! #blackhistorymonth : @emily_pearson96

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