Knight Campus

An electronics-enabled epidermal microfluidic system patch
November 10

Knight Campus scientist looks to advance health devices

Jonathan Reeder’s postdoctoral work points to wearable and implantable technologies
COVID-19 test swab in tube
October 26

State allocates $4.3 million to the UO for COVID-19 test processing

The funding takes advantage of UO's science strengths to double state testing capacity
Researchers in lab
October 12

Knight Campus and PeaceHealth partner to support diversity

A new biomedical research center will help advance underrepresented scientists
Raghu Parthasarathy in his lab
October 5

UO biophysicist named a fellow of the American Physical Society

Raghu Parthasarathy is selected for his work on gut bacteria and membrane biophysics
Doctor looking at spinal x-ray
August 31

Altered enzyme offers hope for spinal injury and stroke

Project co-led by a Knight Campus scientist delivers stability to a natural protein
Illustration of neurons
August 27

UO scientist unveils a 3D printed device to excite nerves

Knight Campus researcher Tim Gardner and colleagues tested a 'nanoclip' in songbirds
Man with foot in cast
August 21

UO-led study helps guide physical therapy after injuries

Knight Campus director leads team studying blood vessel growth during recovery
Illustration of DNA helix
August 3

Knight Campus scientist boosts strength of genetic synthesis

Calin Plesa is improving a cheaper way to synthesize genes that he helped create at UCLA
Adrian Bubie in lab
June 29

Knight Campus alum adapting cancer research to COVID-19

Adrian Bubie serves as a bioinformatician at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York
A singing canary
June 18

Birdsong offers clues to the workings of short-term memory

Work by a Knight Campus scientist could spur advances in AI and disease therapies