Campus News

Super Bowl ad
February 7

Marketing prof ranks Tide 'not typical' ad best of Super Bowl

Bettina Cornwell also liked Toyota’s ads but gave a thumb’s down to Pepsi and Pringles
Brian Smith, Peter DeFazio, David Conover and Michael Raymer
February 2

Rep. DeFazio gets a taste of quantum science in UO visit

UO physicists, led by Michael Raymer, discuss the future potential of quantum computing
George Packer
February 2

UO Today: Author George Packer talks about Trump and America

George Packer talked about his book, 'The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America'
Line drawing of logo
February 2

Series hopes to spark a dialogue on freedom of expression

Campus events aim for productive conversations about challenging issues
Edward Davis
February 1

Darwin Conversations will take a swim into the deep past

Natural history museum presents fish-focused paleontology series to commemorate Charles Darwin
Scene from 'Brown Girls'
February 1

Director to discuss making movies outside the Hollywood bubble

'Brown Girls' creator Sam Bailey will visit campus Feb. 8 as part of the Working Filmmakers Series
Image shows lovers holding hands amid an ocean sunset
February 1

Pub talk to focus on love, and making it better

Valentine's Day is a good time to recognize the good and identify where you want a relationship to go, says UO educator Tiffany Brown
Collage of images from 'Don't Touch My Hair'
January 31

Campus and community celebrate Black History Month

Events remember the past and honor the present
Claude M. Steele
January 26

Stereotypes expert will visit for African-American lecture series

Stanford psychology professor Claude Steele will visit campus Feb. 2
Gavel on immigration papers
January 26

Wayne Morse Center conference focuses on immigration law

The O'Connell/Lorwin Conference takes place Feb. 8-9 at Knight Law Center