College of Arts and Sciences

March 31
The book is credited with giving a voice to the men and women who took part in the 2006 uprising.
March 26
The C.E.S. Wood Retrospective Award goes to an Oregon author with a renowned career in letters. 
March 24
Bend-based publication features the UO's presidential chair in a roundup of women whose efforts have had positive influences on Oregon.
March 24
Three days of sessions include a symposium on the coordination of efforts that followed last year's mudslide in Oso, Washington.
March 23
The 46th annual conference will draw scholars from 20 different countries and address all aspects of African linguistics.
March 21
The exhibit shows the history of vaqueros, or buckaroos, who came to Oregon beginning in the 1850s.
March 18
Research effort led to a rapid and efficient method to produce stable, uniformly sized nanocrystals for use in electronic materials.
December 4
As one of four science envoys, Richmond will help build research collaborations with nations in Southeast Asia
June 25
The phenomenal faculty, staff and student award winners from the College of Arts and Sciences
May 29
Dean Andrew Marcus also thanks Dana Johnston, who is retiring, for four years of service as associate dean for the natural sciences