College of Design

April 6
Blandy has been praised as one of the most influential and respected researchers in art education.
April 2
Central Oregon newspaper, television and radio all run stories announcing Redmond's selection for Sustainable City Year.
March 31
More than 400 University of Oregon students will work on city projects during the 2015-16 academic year.
March 30
Artist-educator Laura Vandenburgh “delivers (a group) show’s one true bravura moment,” writes art critic Nathan Green in art ltd. about “Constructs,” a recent exhibition at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland.Vandenburg is associate professor in the Department of Art. “Vandenburgh’s wall sculptures of meticulously cut paper variously resemble webs, nets, and the warped Penrose diagrams that show how black holes distort space-time,” Green writes. “Dazzlingly complex and immaculately pieced together, they deliver a genuine ‘Wow!’ “
March 24
The annual Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability (HOPES) conference will feature a student-designed parklet in downtown Eugene.
March 19
An A&AA graduate student will spend his summer internship in Thailand feeding and cleaning up after elephants — and he couldn’t be happier.
June 25
The phenomenal faculty, staff and student award winners from the School of Architecture & Allied Arts
May 28
Sixty-two graduating senior art and digital arts students will exhibit their work in the second annual senior show