Research and Innovation

Graphic depicts immune response to separate bacterial species, and the response (in green) when the two are combined
November 10

Oregon study suggests some gut microbes may be keystones of health

Study using zebrafish finds the abundance of bacteria is not the driving force for regulating a balanced and healthy environment.
Jessica Green, of the UO's Biology of the Build Environment Center, which recently received a Sloan Foundation grant
October 28

U.S. scientists, including UO's Green, propose microbiome initiative

Proposal in the journal Science seeks a broad unified effort to expand research and harness the potential benefits of microbial communities.
Ray Troll's 'view' of the Helicoprion, an ancient, 'buzz-saw' shark
October 28

Buzz-saw shark: UO exhibit to feature ancient whorl-tooth fish

'Buzz Sharks of Long Ago' opens Nov. 5 at Museum of Natural and Cultural History, showcasing works by Alaska artist and fossil fanatic Ray Troll.
Monte Westerfield
October 27

UO, Baylor team up for NIH-funded Model Organism Screening Center

Biologist Monte Westerfield will lead the UO's effort, using zebrafish in an effort to unravel genetic mysteries in rare diseases in humans.
The Duck Store
October 23

New Duck Store incubator aims to hatch more startups

A partnership between the Duck Store and the Office of Brand Management, the incubator will work with microbusinesses and entrepreneurs.
George von Dassow
October 23

In starfish, UO biologist finds waves that drive cell division

Similar discovery in frogs at the University of Wisconsin are tied together in a new paper that points to a window of excitability as daughter cells are...
Bill Cresko
October 22

Genetics journal names paper led by UO's Cresko as among its Top 10

Paper chosen was a collaborative effort with UO colleague Eric Johnson that continues to influence DNA research around the world.
Ilana M. Umansky, UO College of Education
October 22

Bilingual ed restrictions hurt California, says UO's Umansky

In a new report she and her co-authors identify barriers that limit opportunities and outcomes of students who are learning English.
Elliot Berkman, left, and Phil Fisher
October 20

Researchers will meld sciences to uncover new health treatments

The Center for Translational Neuroscience, led by Phil Fisher and Elliot Berkman, aims to deliver what is found in research to practical application.
Alison Gopnik
October 19

Power of babies' brains is the subject for public talk at UO

UC-Berkeley neuroscientist Alison Gopnik, a Wall Street Journal contributor, will deliver an evening lecture on Friday, Oct. 23.