School of Journalism and Communication

March 20
The event will explore the connection between communication and a range of human endeavors
March 20
The reporters tackled health care in Venezuela, private prisons and a resort project
March 10
Ducks Change Together urges people to learn the five signs of emotional suffering
March 7
The approach looks at problems as well as possible fixes
February 27
Nicole Dahmen and Seth Lewis say reporters may have to find new sources
February 24
These days, it seems everyone is aware of the “fake news” phenomenon. But with so much news out there, how can you tell which news is real, and which is bogus?Thanks to a University of Oregon librarian, tools and resources that can help make you a savvier consumer of news media are now just a mouse-click away. Created by Carolina Hernandez, journalism and communication librarian with the UO Libraries, the new Fake News and Information Literacy guide was inspired by current events.
February 16
Héctor Tobar says the president only gives up a falsehood when he feels he won
February 15
Journalism student Zach Putnam interviewed a family now living in Beaverton
February 10
SOJC doctoral student taps his Austria roots for a collaborative project
February 9
Nicole Dahmen and Seth Lewis discuss the ethics of Facebook Live, Periscope