January 22
Campus members who took part in presentations by candidates for the Graduate School dean are asked to complete a survey on the applicants.Surveys for each candidate are available on the provost’s website here. Feedback surveys will be available until 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 27.The feedback surveys will assist the provost in evaluating the candidates.
January 22
Faculty and department offices are now open; new classrooms and a two-level lecture hall will be ready for spring term.
January 22
Three faculty and staff and four programs received the honors at this year's annual MLK Awards lunch.
January 22
His internationally acclaimed work on Integrative Body-Mind Training precedes two days of campus events devoted to mindfulness.
January 21
The student life associate vice president was honored for his work at the university and in community service.
January 20
UO emergency management training video now online for review by campus community.
January 19
Philosophy doctoral candidate Megan Burke will discuss her dissertation research during a noon talk on Wednesday, Jan. 21.The talk, “Heterosexuality, Sexual Violence and the Temporality of Femininity,” will examine how sexual violence is integral to the production and lived experience of gendered subjectivity by focusing on the philosophical question of temporality.Burke’s research and teaching interests include feminist philosophy, existential phenomenology, 20th century continental philosophy and social-political philosophy.