Oregon Quarterly Archive

January 21

Oregon Quarterly Winter 2020

UO researchers examine new approaches to raising children in the digital age; rockstar shares tales of his Duck Days; timber workers and environmentalists unite & more

October 2

Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2019

Students studying the stars atop Pine Mountain; arts nights to help homeless women; enlisting pigs to prevent pests; medieval Ducks; from failure to discovering potential cancer cures

July 8

Oregon Quarterly Summer 2019

Oregon Quarterly's 100th anniversary edition celebrates 100 Ducks to remember; one of the UO's newest and most high-tech majors; learning from disasters and more

April 3

Oregon Quarterly Spring 2019

Special section on College of Design; a biologist's research and his race against time; linguists aid in saving Native languages; UO stand-up comedy

January 8

Oregon Quarterly Winter 2019

Tracking conflict and the wolf; deep dive with OIMB scientist; Atkeson photo collection; atlas of migrations; Spencer Paysinger's new TV show; cannabis blogger

October 3

Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2018

Peter O'Day fellowship research; snow leopards and Tibetan monks; culture commodification; Morningside hospital; Japanese internment in Oregon

July 6

Oregon Quarterly Summer 2018

Plans for the UO campus by 2020; a look back at Animal House for its 40th anniversary; the new School of Music and Dance dean; Caityln Jenner's visit; theater and disability studies 

April 4

Oregon Quarterly Spring 2018

The trailblazing Women in Graduate Science changes the game for female researchers; love and journalism; the resurgence of UO debate; UO faculty explore our relationships with food

Benjamín Alemán in the á|lab in Willamette Hall
January 1

Oregon Quarterly Winter 2018

Profile of physicist Benjamin Aleman; Student designer helps thwart big game poachers; Gratitude research; New Kalapauya Ilihi residence hall; Actress/playwright Heidi Schreck

October 1

Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2017

Artist-entrepreneur Aaron Firestein; Five Big Ideas from faculty members; Flooding of Vanport, Oregon; Profile of Nancy Fadeley; English prof George Wickes, a spy in Vietnam