College of Design: New Books and Projects

Kivarkis.whatneedstobesaid What Needs to Be Said

Featuring Anya Kivarkis, Jack Ryan, and Tannaz Farsi

This exhibition at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University (September 14 to December 22) will feature 13 Oregon artists who have received Hallie Ford Fellowships, including three faculty members of the School of Art + Design: Anya Kivarkis, associate professor of jewelry and metalsmithing whose work in the show (detail of Time pictured) examines material culture; Jack Ryan, associate professor of art; and Tannaz Farsi, associate professor of sculpture. Farsi also recently received the prestigious Bonnie Bronson Fellowship award of $10,000.

JennyLin.abovesea Above Sea: Contemporary Art, Urban Culture, and the Fashioning of Global Shanghai

By Jenny Lin

Many consider Shanghai to be China’s most cosmopolitan metropolis, but colonial and communist ghosts linger. Through the lens of contemporary art and culture, Lin explores how legacies of colonialism and foreign occupation shape the fabric of the city. She uses cases studies including the famous shopping area Xintiandi—“New Heaven on Earth”—in the former French District, which was also the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1921.

Ocuvis Ocuvis: A Web-Based Visualizer for Simulated Daylight Performance

By Siobhan Rockcastle, María Ámundadóttir, and Marilyne Andersen

Rockcastle, assistant professor of architecture, and coauthors created Ocuvis, an interactive, web-based platform designers can use to assess how daylight will interact with a building or other structures. Ocuvis uses 3-D graphics and interactive visualization designs—under changing skies and vantage points—to explore the impact of designs on occupant health, emotions, and performance.

Observing.acceleration Observing Acceleration: Uncovering the Effects of Accelerators on Impact-Oriented Entrepreneurs

By Saurabh Lall and Peter Roberts

Lall, an assistant professor in the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management, and Roberts, a professor at Emory University, investigate “impact-oriented” ventures including Uber and Techstars, a leading accelerator among capital market companies. They explore the spectrum of business startups and accelerators, including those created in challenging regions or by marginalized entrepreneurs.